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If you are a combat veteran of the US Armed Forces, we’d like to extend our hand and say a sincere and heartfelt “Welcome Home!” 

In order to join our chapter, applicants can request an app here. Along with your application, a valid copy of your DD 214 (showing your combat service or award) and a MONEY ORDER made out to “CVMA 20-8″ for membership dues is required. Applicants MUST also affirm that they have read “CVMA Protocol”as a condition of your membership. Spouses may also apply for membership in the CVMA Auxiliary.

DUES amounts are nationally directed as follows (subject to change).

Full Member: $20.00

Support Members: $10.00

Auxiliary Member: $10.00

Once an application has been approved by our national organization (usually under 30 days), new members will be provided the opportunity to purchase a membership patch from our Quartermaster. You can request a patch by using our “Contact” page and adressing the subject to "Quartermaster". Membership patches will be presented at a chapter meeting or function in a patching ceremony. Patches will not be mailed, delivered or picked up except in rare, unusual circumstances. We will present your patch in our “Patching Ceremony” in in front of our chapter members in order to properly welcome you and relay a sense of camaraderie and show respect for your service. 

We have no clubhouse and our chapter meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month at different Florida locations each time. Moving around adds diversity to our meeting locations and presents our members with the opportunity to ride to various destinations. We are a motorcycle association. We do quite a bit of riding.

Please take the time to review the other content on our website inorder to make yourself familiar with our chapter and our ethos.

If you have questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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